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 A little background about myself-

I love being on the move,

you can find me either biking, skating, or hiking around- on a trip somewhere,

always looking for beautiful scenery,

enjoying the moment, and making many photos!

I am Buffalo transplant of over 10 years with deep roots embedded in the area,
having completed my  BFA m
agna cum laude from University at Buffalo
with concentrations in Photography and Printmaking.

I've shot film photography my entire life

and have made my professional career out of digital and film,

with still photography and videography practices.

Between shooting photo and video for musicians, authors,
performance artists, and many people of interest,
I am also 
the Lead Photographer at New Era Cap Co. Inc,
where I have worked for over 6 years.


Thank you for visiting my about-me page while I update the rest of the site!

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