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I had the opportunity and privilege to get out of my city for the afternoon on Saturday, and in a serendipitous way, got to witness some sort of migration or mass live birth/ ritual of ladybugs along the shore of Lake Erie.

By walking along the shore, having the chance to in some way process the current social climate we happen to face, I found a small way to digest what people should see by being able to witness these ladybugs on the beach.

I wondered if it this experience is in any way comparable to what I've read astronauts felt like a when they view the entirety of Earth from space. That when one can physically zoom out, and give one some perspective on how to tackle the scope of a problem, one can begin to wrap their head around perhaps how to find a solution to a given challenge.

It may seem reductive to reduce all the intricacies of race relations to this one small processing event that I experienced, because in no way am I claiming that it can solve the issues we face, But, I would like to just convey that all these ladybugs that I got to document, none of them look exactly alike.

To base any sort of prejudice solely on how any one organism varies from another of it's kind solely by it's natural appearance, dictated by chromosomes and things that effect it's presentation, seems absolutely asinine.


Why do we do this to ourselves?

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